Save time, save money & boost returns.

Financial management software built for real estate.

Ditch spreadsheets.

Stay on top of your real estate finances in real-time. Easily import your existing budgets or start fresh on Basebuild. Managing budgets on Basebuild is 10x better than using spreadsheets.

Control spending.

Approve payments directly on Basebuild. Simply forward bills to Basebuild—and all project spending is automatically tied to vendors, contracts, and invoices. It’s magical.

Get the job done, fast.

Basebuild data empowers teams to make smarter and faster decisions that help complete real estate projects on time and on budget.

Build better, faster & smarter.

Powerful cloud-based software to engage your teams and manage your most valuable real estate projects. Basebuild is the smarter and faster way to complete real estate projects on time and on budget.

Build Better with Basebuild

Built from the ground-up for real estate teams.

Basebuild is a simple, yet powerful web-based budgeting tool that works for any type of real estate project—large or small. From home renovations to ground-up developments, Basebuild can handle it all.

Built for owners, by owners

For real estate owners

We built Basebuild to give real estate owners total visibility and control over all of their project budgets. Manage budgets and payments from a single pane of glass.

Automatic for the people

For project teams

Owner’s representatives and construction project managers love how Basebuild automates the busy work so that real estate teams can collaborate more effectively and focus on making smarter decisions.



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